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“Maple Forest creates excellent paid search campaigns.

It’s that simple.”

Maple Forest Marketing Ltd was founded in 2009 by Fraser Birt and Lloyd John, two experienced Google AdWords and SEM account managers who decided to strike out on their own, putting their experiences and love of marketing to the test by building a stable trustworthy brand.  The company has been growing steadily ever since.


We love getting up close and personal with our clients, becoming more like strategic partners rather than just another solutions vendor. Our willingness to really listen to our clients is our most frequent positive feedback, especially in the UK SME market in which we operate.


Our expertise is in ROI-focused PPC campaigns for e-commerce and lead generation businesses and our reputation for excellent results speaks for itself.

Process Driven PPC Management

We’re process and procedures geeks at Maple Forest. Not the kind of people you want at dinner parties, but exactly the kind of boffins you want managing your paid search.


PPC is scientific. We take in data, process it, and turn it into actionable plans. Then we execute. As with all data-driven fields, being consistent with methodology is key. Our tyrannical insistence on using processes and our ROOTS platform ensures that consistency.


Whenever our account managers want to take an action, they plan it out into a process and then record in ROOTS so that it can be executed on, repeated and improved. This allows our staff to use and re-use the same proven processes again and again and get the same results. It also ensures account continuity because all plans are executed the same way, no matter who is pushing the buttons. Our processes allow space for our account managers to show their creativity while keeping a focus on results.


Our process management systems allow us to quickly apply proven processes from one account into another and get the same results again.


We can record, analyse and improve on winning strategies and then make them part of our standard operating procedure quickly and easily. Our consistency means that we have excellent institutional knowledge.  Your campaign and account managers measurably benefit from those which have gone before them.


Why It’s Important


  There’s no such thing as dropping a ball or failing to execute on a plan.


  Allows account managers to work at scale and efficiently manage huge accounts.


  Encourages account manager creativity, but also eliminates the possibility of human error.


  Makes sure Maple Forest harnesses institutional knowledge to your benefit.

Collective Management

Collective account management is an underused management style, especially in agencies serving the SME market.


Collective management simply means that more than one person actually carries out the leg-work on your account, even though you have a dedicated account manager.  It’s a management style that is often used by huge agencies, but not often used to serve the under-one-million per month sector.


The Bing expert runs your Bing accounts, the conversion rate expert manages the ad split tests, and the copywriters write your ad copy.  The Account Manager ties it all together and runs your account like a project.


Maple Forest can bring this technique to the SME sector because of our ROOTS platform. The platform allows your account manager to plan out your account like a huge, ongoing project, and assign accountable staff to specific tasks. It’s a remarkably effective way to work.


Why It’s Important


   Single point of contact but a distribution of skills


   Account not tied to a single person for robust fail-safes


   Best allocation of tactical skills in service of your account

No Obligation Contracts

We want you to stay a client because you love the results we deliver, not because you have to. For many clients, flexibility is key in paid search. You need the freedom to modify, upgrade, downgrade, pause or even exit our service entirely for any reason. That’s why we offer simple, flexible 30-day rolling agreements. You can always cancel or change your agreement with us with just one month notice.


Our agreements are extremely simple. They lay out what we intend to do on your accounts, why we think its important, and what we expect the results to be. We lay out goals, and then we exceed them.


As part of our pre-sales process, our business development team will agree to KPIs for your account. We do this both for our CPA accounts and our normal managed accounts. We will then use those KPIs to keep us accountable and meet your goals.


Common KPIs are a reduction in overall advertising costs, a reduction in the cost per conversion, an increase in throughput, or a minimum ROI.


Why It’s Important


   Provides total flexibility for our clients.


  Makes us accountable to transparent Key Performance Indicators.


   Flexibility to give us a try and test our results.

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