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Put Simply – Excellent PPC Management

Our fully managed PPC services mean that you can leave your account entirely in our safe hands. We make growth and scale our challenge. We take care of the creation of campaigns, competitor research, keyword research, ad copy, interest based targeting and the implementation of accurate tracking.

Google AdWords PPC Growth

Maple Forest have years of proven success at hitting the target with our PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing strategies. We manage PPC accounts for businesses of all sizes and work diligently towards exceeding KPI’s and targets that illustrate growth. Our high client retention speaks for itself, and with our no-obligation contracts, what do you need to consider?

ROI Driven Search Expertise

Facebook PPC Advertising

With a huge ever increasing reach, the power of Facebook for marketing isn’t always recognised or fully utilised. Here at Maple Forest we give Social Media platforms the respect that they deserve for nurturing both business to consumer, as well as business to business sales. Extend your social reach today.

Target Interests, Behaviour & Demographic

Combined Google & Facebook

Are you running PPC marketing on both Google & Facebook platforms? Maple Forest are happy to work through a bespoke growth strategy for your business activities, services and products. Harnessing the power of these two giants to group together the characteristics of your target customer, is by far the best way to scale your business’s sales online.

Use The Right Marketing Tools & Strategy

Multi Channel Expertise

We create and manage campaigns across these and various other platforms. We understand the tech, we simplify and communicate the benefits, we pride ourselves on our strategic approach. Your business growth through Online Marketing is our ultimate objective.

We manage campaigns across all major PPC networks
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Growing Your Business Online

With a vast and ever changing array of online marketing methods and tools available, we focus on matching the right marketing channels to your business, to provide you with the competitive edge.

Grow your Ecommerce

We’re experts at growing your Ecommerce channel through paid search and best practice digital marketing.

Grow your Display Advertising

Display offers unparalleled reach for growing brands online. Turn readers and viewers into buyers.

Grow your Lead Generation

Get more leads for your business. Through phone and lead forms, we get qualified leads at effective prices.

Grow your Shopping Channel

Shopping campaigns are amazingly powerful tools for online retailers. We can supercharge your shopping channel.

Grow your Video Advertising

Catch customers where they’re most engaged: watching YouTube and videos online. Video gets customers.

Grow your Remarketing

Turn lost prospects into buyers with our comprehensive Remarketing solutions for retail and lead generation.

Grow your Social Advertising

Reach your customers where they hang out online. Social network advertising offers unprecedented display campaign reach.

Grow your Gmail Targeting

With Google’s GMAIL targeting feature, future and historical emails can now be interrogated and targeted with search terms from within your PPC campaign keywords.

Grow your Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising growth is one of the great success stories of this decade. You can’t afford to not have a mobile strategy.

Multi-Channel PPC Growth

Inexpensive yet comprehensive Pay-Per-Click marketing. See our competitive pricing below;

Facebook Advertising


Per Month

PPC Management


Per Month

Google & Facebook


Per Month

Our Pricing Structure

– All Invoices are settled monthly, unless otherwise stated.

– There are no set-up fees apart from if we create Facebook pages on your behalf.

– You as the client pay for your click costs.

– Our invoice terms are upon receipt.

– Our agreements are only 30-day rolling.

* Monthly management fees for Managed accounts start from £950 per month for Facebook Advertising. Prices quoted do not include VAT, which will be applied to customers with a UK billing address.

FREE Account Review

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What our clients say

Whizz-Kidz have flourished with the support of Maple Forest, to us they are part of our team. The digital backbone is essential to our work and the online leads which are generated through careful wording, image choice and advice offered by Lloyd and Lucie have helped secure the leads we need to help our business prosper. We continue to enjoy working with Maple Forest, a strong working relationship has ensured all important lead generation, fantastic account management and trust of service. We can’t recommend their services more highly’

— Fundraising Manager, Whizz Kidz

We approached Maple Forest at a really exciting point in our company’s growth – we were really good at reaching our offline audience but looking to brush up on our digital presence, specifically in paid search results. Our account manager has worked wonders and we’re seeing a huge return from our investment in online advertising.

— Managing Director, Mattress Next Day

Maple Forest Marketing has consistently provided a very effective service. With their help we have been able to generate increased sales conversions whilst maintaining a tight budget. Their expertise has been invaluable to Sejuiced developing a profitable online presence.

— Marketing Director, Sejuiced

With Maple Forest we have peace of mind, knowing our account is in safe hands. They work hard to understand our brand and create relevant ads for our organisation and then constantly monitor and test different campaigns to make sure the most relevant and successful ads are displayed. They are also good-natured and efficient which makes them great to work with.

— Marketing Manager, Whizz-Kidz

Our business is 90% dependent on PPC and organic search – we use Maple Forest for paid search we have grown another 50% as a business since they’ve managed the accounts. The word guardian angel sounds just about right for their pro-active approach to modern business. I have always found Maple Forest approachable, knowledgeable and above all, totally honest with what works and what doesn’t. This is invaluable and makes them a strategic partners as opposed to just another expense.

— Managing Director, Certitec

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