The Perfect Smile


The Perfect Smile are leading cosmetic dentist practice operating in Hertford, England. They offer dental services relating to veneers, braces and implants. A typical client journey would be, the client signing up for a free consultation at a location in London and then get the operation/surgery they required for their teeth in Hertford.

Challenges & Goals

The Perfect Smile had been running for Facebook Ads for a number of years getting results but the CPA was not sustainable. Website tracking was a major issue as the pixel had not been set up correctly. Getting this fixed was a priority.


Our immediate goal was to get accurate website tracking in place, in order to collects lead data from the traffic on the site.


Our main objective was to significantly reduce the CPA as requested from “The Perfect Smile”. A CPA goal of £30 [month] & under would be our target for all future campaigns.


We also had to ensure the quality of the leads were sufficient and relevant to TPS.

Our Strategy

To understand which demographics would convert the most we added an on-click conversion event goal to their “Submit” button on the contact form page; any user that filled out their contact details and clicked submit button would be captured as a lead.


This gave us detailed insight into the type of users who are most likely to convert. We found that women, over 35 were more likely to request The Perfect Smile’s service and we adjusted the campaigns accordingly to achieve more leads.


Using Facebook’s radius targeting we created two radiuses; one 25 miles around The Perfect Smile’s practice in Hereford and 25 miles around the consultancy location in central London. Using this method we were able to find qualified users who were willing to travel to either the practice or the consultancy location. This allowed us to find the most qualified leads who are more likely to convert and use The Perfect Smile’s services.


Since the pixel wasn’t placed correctly the data we had on the visitors to the site was incorrect. Instead of creating a conversion event right away we had to build the data again so we optimised the campaigns for traffic to the website and remarketed the traffic with tailored ads with a call to action. This strategy drastically lowered the CPA as we were able to manage the traffic and increase budgets to remarketing creating an efficient lead funnel.


Once we had enough data through the traffic campaign we created a lookalike audience of leads (with radius targeting) and replaced the traffic targeting with conversion optimisation. This targeting method found users similar to The Perfect Smile’s existing leads with an intent to sign-up for the free consultancy.



(%) Reduction in CPA

27 %

(%) Increased Month on Month Leads by

Adding the correct tracking and finding an optimal target audience allowed us to reach qualified customers who want to get their teeth restored. Strong creatives also allowed us to increase our CTR and entice users to go and browse the website to find out more.