Sannib London


Sannib London is a contemporary art business based in London owned by Hazem Sannib. He produces high-quality art ranging from different styles; mainly focusing on Islamic art pieces.


The key markets for Sannib London included UAE, Persian Gulf, Europe & London. The target demographic for Sannib was users middle-aged users, who have high disposable income and interested in art.


Sannib had been using Facebook to try and generate business before but wasn’t seeing any conversions due to missing pixel events and inaccurate targeting. As a result of the missing pixel events, there was no previous data to optimise the campaigns, which means we had to start from scratch.


Initially, we had to identify the key characteristics of his buyers and create a buyer persona to make our campaigns more targeted. The key goal for Sannib was improving the key metrics such as Purchases, lowering the CPA and increasing the ROI of his Advertising Spend.

Our Strategy

First we had to create and associate the Facebook Pixel on Sannib London’s website; implementing the correct pixel codes on the correct checkpoints of his site. We tested each pixel via the Facebook Pixel helper to troubleshoot any issues with matching the products.


Using Facebook’s partner integrations we were also able to upload all of Sannib’s products on his website and associate them to the Facebook Pixel. This allowed us to retarget previous users with more specific ads.


After talking to Sannib and understanding his business and target market we were able to create an audience of users interested in Islamic art and who have a luxury lifestyle in the Middle East & Europe.


We started optimising campaigns for a bigger part of the sales funnel by optimising the campaigns for “View Content” to get targeted users to view Sannib’s paintings & products. Once we start seeing targeted traffic to the page & product pages we optimised active campaigns for the next part of the funnel; “Add To Cart”.


Again once we saw there was a consistent flow of “Add to Cart” events occurring for the campaign we optimise for “Initiate Checkout”. At this point of the optimisation we started seeing more lucrative and consistent sales for Sannib. After we felt comfortable in the number of sales we were getting over a week we finally optimised for Purchase. Optimising for purchase has dramatically increased the conversion rate of the account and producing the result we want consistently.


After the more pixel events started firing we were happy to start creating Lookalike Audiences based on different parts of the funnel. In the end, the clear winner was always going to be the lookalike of users who have purchased from Sannib already (via Customer List & Pixel.



(£) Reduction in CPA

350 %

(%) Maintained ROI

15 %

(%) Increases Month on Month Sales by

As a result of our changes Sannib London is now thriving and increasing it’s customer base every day. As we can accurately track incoming sales we can optimise campaigns to reach more people who are likely to purchase. Using Facebook’s interest targeting we were able to reach Sannib’s prefer audience and was able to generate sales through big orders.