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Here at Maple Forest we totally understand the challenges of attracting the right targeted audiences to your website, and once there, enticing them to meaningfully engage with one of your website’s touchpoints such as the completion of a contact form, or requesting a free trial of your service.

With our experience in delivering successful digital marketing campaigns for our lead generation clients, we’ve fully embraced the unity of both Google PPC and Social Media PPC advertising as one of the best ways to both source and nurture leads into opportunities.

By having a well structured user-friendly website, that’s normally only half the battle. The other half remains finding the strategic approach that is geared towards increasing the utilisation of the following touchpoints;

Free Trial Signups

Contact Form Submissions

White Paper Downloads

Webinar Signups

Inbound Phone Calls

Email Enquiries

Obtaining your website visitor’s contact details is fundamental for populating the sales funnel for your business. Therefore it’s key that the PPC marketing strategy that you choose for your business is focused on delivering scalable leads and opportunities across the various touchpoints on your website. Each touchpoint interaction has the potential to migrate a visitor to a lead and then over to an opportunity and new client.

We Build Campaigns To Fill Your Lead Funnels

Maple Forest build targeted campaigns to manage the digital sales funnel, which starts from promoting your brand with enticing calls-to-action, promoting your Lead Magnets to generate positive website engagement, and by Remarketing to your website visitors (warm audiences) to turn prospects into leads and opportunities for your core services.

Brand Building

Brand Building & Awareness

This is one of the fundamental starting points that must regularly be nurtured and revisited with well structured PPC marketing campaigns. Your brand needs to become and remain prominent online, you need to show concise messaging as to what makes your brand stand out, why to choose your brand, and why your services are best suited to the target audiences that you’re advertising to.

Good branding gets your target audience to your website and provides leads that turn into opportunities. You need to make sure that the approach and content used – images, video and text are captivating, memorable and on-brand.

Lead Magnets


By providing webinars to your audience you are promoting your products and services in a controlled less hard-sell environment, where you take the lead. This will help to build trust in your brand, expertise, and unique selling points and must address and clearly illustrate the suitability of your services for the participating audience.

Whitepapers (Fact sheets)

This would ideally consist of either, Checklists, Industry Reports, Guides, How To Tips and Techniques etc. Visitor access to your Whitepapers should sit behind a brief website subscription where you request only a few details from the prospect before providing the corresponding download access.


Free Trials

This is of course a proven way to showcase your software, services and unique selling points to prospective customers. They like the idea that they don’t need to commit at this point and yo benefit from acquiring their details, showcasing what’s great about your brand and service offerings.

Request a Demo

If your software doesn’t provide a free trial period, then by providing a request a demo service still allows prospects to try your services before they buy. We would recommend that this sits behind a subscription on your website so that you can gain those key contact details.

Multi Channel Expertise

We create and manage campaigns across these and various other platforms. We understand the tech, we simplify and communicate the benefits, we pride ourselves on our strategic approach. Your business growth through Online Marketing is our ultimate objective.

We manage campaigns across all major PPC networks
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We Grow Website Leads with PPC

We scale Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Call us today on 0207 993 8886 and we’ll show you how we can help you grow your pay-per-click channels. We offer you a free no-obligation account review which will illustrate our cutting edge value-add.

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Our Pricing Structure

– All Invoices are settled monthly, unless otherwise stated.

– There are no set-up fees apart from if we create Facebook pages on your behalf.

– You as the client pay for your click costs.

– Our invoice terms are upon receipt.

– Our agreements are only 30-day rolling.

* Monthly management fees for Managed accounts start from £950 per month for Facebook Advertising. Prices quoted do not include VAT, which will be applied to customers with a UK billing address.

What our clients say;

Whizz-Kidz have flourished with the support of Maple Forest, to us they are part of our team. The digital backbone is essential to our work and the online leads which are generated through careful wording, image choice and advice offered by Lloyd and Lucie have helped secure the leads we need to help our business prosper. We continue to enjoy working with Maple Forest, a strong working relationship has ensured all important lead generation, fantastic account management and trust of service. We can’t recommend their services more highly’

— Fundraising Manager, Whizz Kidz

We approached Maple Forest at a really exciting point in our company’s growth – we were really good at reaching our offline audience but looking to brush up on our digital presence, specifically in paid search results. Our account manager has worked wonders and we’re seeing a huge return from our investment in online advertising.

— Managing Director, Mattress Next Day

Maple Forest Marketing has consistently provided a very effective service. With their help we have been able to generate increased sales conversions whilst maintaining a tight budget. Their expertise has been invaluable to Sejuiced developing a profitable online presence.

— Marketing Director, Sejuiced


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