Right Hand Ad Armageddon Part 2: Google Sales Dropping?

Not good! We know. Are you seeing significant declines in PPC sales since Google removed their text search adverts from the right-hand side of the results page?

Earlier we reported that the initial change that Google made on 1st of March, hardly impacted us or the majority of our client’s, from what we could see at the time.

Having said that one month on, and not meant as an April fool joke, from the start of April the landscape was very different. Within a few days into April, we noticed that for both e-commerce and lead generation clients keyword bids were now significantly falling short of the previously achieved sweet-spot;

– Medium keyword bid
– Medium to high position on search results
– On target CPA (Cost per acquisition)
– Profitable Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

“So what needed to be done? Was there a fix?”

Well the fix was never going to be anything complimentary from Google themselves. What we had to do was totally dissect campaigns that had been performing well for months and years and target elements of these campaigns which were still performing close to our previous expectation.

This also meant that certain PPC campaigns that may have been borderline, had to be temporarily paused and reworked to still gain a positive momentum in the search results.

Of course this involved the usual housekeeping tasks that you’d expect;

– bid optimisations
– ad copy split testing
– bid adjustments by device type
– ad schedule optimisations (time ads show)
– adding negative keywords
– budget increases (where necessary)

“So how are things looking now, are the sales back up to how they were?”

The truth is we’re definitely on our way. We can see the sales and leads are edging back slowly. The challenge is keeping the sales profitable for all of our clients to make their Google advertising worthwhile.

So can we get the same results pre-April? There’s no reason to think that we won’t be able to achieve similar results, but bearing in mind that Google have now made a significant change to the workings of their results page, this inevitably means that the approach and performance of campaigns will adjust too.

If you’re finding it difficult to swim against the tide of Google change, get in touch today, for a free account review.

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