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LinkedIn is the world’s biggest audience of business professionals. By promoting your company via LinkedIn Advertising, we can help you build your brand, raise awareness and generate quality leads. This is an excellent option for B2B lead generation. We will accurately target your specific clients by job title, company, industry, seniority and more, using the most relevant and engaging adverts. If you have any questions regarding LinkedIn Advertising please get in contact and we will do our best to answer any queries you have.

28 Million

Active LinkedIn Users in the UK

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LinkedIn Advertising Set Up

Before we start advertising on LinkedIn for your business we will need to set up the following:

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a piece of code that you need to add to your website to enable in-depth campaign reporting and allow us to capture valuable insights about your website visitors.


The LinkedIn Insight Tag also allow us to track conversions, retarget website visitors, and unlock additional insights about members interacting with your ads.

You need a LinkedIn Company Page to advertise on LinkedIn. Here you can share company news, industry articles, or thought leadership pieces.


Posts will appear on your Company Page and in the news feed on the homepage of each of your followers across all devices and platforms. If you don’t have time to create one we can do it for you.

Research & Planning

Before we create any LinkedIn campaigns we will analyse the industry you are in and find out what your customers’ value and how to market your business to your target audience efficiently. We will also analyse your available creatives, any previous campaigns you may have, audience data and current website traffic to help us create the best campaign possible.

By analysing your current conversions metrics and current CPA we will be able to specify targets that are both realistic and achievable. If you believe content engagement or traffic are more important to your business we will optimise LinkedIn for such goals.

We will look at how your competitors are advertising on LinkedIn and the message they are using. This will be used to form our judgement on how the ads should look like.

Understanding your current target market will allow us to optimise messaging and targeting towards you key target audience; the more precise our targeting is the better the engagement and conversions will be.

LinkedIn Targeting Strategy

With LinkedIn, we have the opportunity to target quality audiences in a professional context. Market to influencers, decision makers, and executives who act on new opportunities.


There are multiple ways in which we can target users on LinkedIn. We can target based on the job role they have or the company they work in. The opportunities to target professional users are endless.

We’ll optimise ads and campaigns to reach the most profitable demographic for your business. We will effectively segment things like Work Location, Gender, Age & Language to get the best results for your company.

We will use the Linkedin Insight Tag to build audiences that populate from your website to create a pool of users who we can retarget your ads to.


If you have a specific list of companies you would like to target or specific contacts you have, we will be able to target them as well; matching them with current Company Pages or LinkedIn Profiles.

We have the ability to target specific companies by their:


  Company Name

  Company Industry

  Company Size

We have the ability to target specific Linkedin Users by their:


  Job Title

  Job Function

  Job Seniority

We have the ability to target specific competencies of specific Linkedin users by:


  Job Skills

  Years of Experience

We have the ability to target LinkedIn users by their:


  Previous Schools

  Field of Study


If we feel like your business matches a specific LinkedIn group we may opt to add the users in the group to the targeting.

Creative Approach

One of the most important aspects of LinkedIn advertising is, yes you guessed it the ads. Users will need to be encouraged, persuaded and wowed to click on an ad that is relevant to them. First impressions are important and the ads will need to reflect the direct benefit your business provides.

We implement a variety of LinkedIn ad formats to get the best results. Some of the ad variations include:


  Carousel Ads – Multiple Images in One Ad

  Single Image or Article Format Ads

  Video Ads

  LinkedIn Lead Ads


We will test these formats and find out what kind of imagery and message your target audience responds to the best.

The placements where we can show your ads on LinkedIn are:


News Feed: On a user’s timeline

  • Sponsored Content
  • Lead Ads
  • Video Ads


Messaging: User’sInbox

  • InMail


Desktop Right Column

  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads


We will test multiple placements to get the best results for your business.

Using LinkedIn we can capture the attention of your target audience with personalised ads featuring each professional’s own LinkedIn profile data, like photo, company name, job title, and more.

Using LinkedIn InMail we are able to show personalised ads in a form of a message that goes directly to a qualified LinkedIn user’s Inbox.

LinkedIn Lead Ads

We’ll make it easier for your target audience by capturing leads directly on the LinkedIn Platform.

Download your leads from Campaign Manager or integrate with your preferred marketing automation or CRM tool.

Reduce the number of funnels you have by getting leads directly from the LinkedIn platform.


To make sure our campaigns are running smoothly and to the best of their ability, we will be constantly monitoring them to make sure they aren’t any dips in performance or any irregularities.

Using best practice we will modify any campaigns we think are underperforming to get the best results. An amazing campaign could suddenly have a major decrease in performance and we know how to reverse this to get the campaigns back on track.

We welcome you to contact us at any time to discuss campaigns and talk about potential strategies going forward to maximise conversions.

We report your growth, your way. Find out who’s converting, what makes them convert and how we can get them to convert more is powerful information.


With our campaign management, you will get weekly or monthly reporting so you are always in the loop of what is going on in your account and improvements we are making to take things to the next level.

Growth & Scaling

Accelerating Growth is what we’re best at; taking your business to the next level is vital for us and we have the necessary expertise to take your business to another echelon. We will find the winning formula and grow your campaigns exponentially!

Using data and conversion metrics we can identify best performing campaigns and increase their budgets to maximise conversions. We will scale campaigns while keeping the CPA as low as possible.

Once we’ve split tested the ad variations and ad placements we can push the best ads to get the best engagement & lead conversions.

Once we see consistent results from your target audience, we may explore other demographics to increase conversions. This could be from expanding to another country to targeting a different job title. We will of course manage the CPA and key metrics to make sure it is profitable for your business.


We saved the best for last. When you choose Maple Forest to advertise your business on LinkedIn you will get the following:

Improved ROI

Increased Lead Conversions

Increased Followers & Engagement

Lower Cost Per Acquisition

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