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Facebook Advertising is arguably the second biggest online advertising platform behind Google. With the use of Facebook’s accurate and extensive data resources, we can reach your target audience and convert them at a sustainable CPA. We use best practice techniques and creative elements to create the perfect campaigns for your business. Whatever industry sector you’re in we can produce results that will matter most. Take a look below at what we can do for your business on Facebook. If you have any questions please get in contact and we will do our best to answer any queries you have.

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Facebook Advertising Set Up

If this is your first time entering the realm of Facebook advertising; there will be steps you need take to take in order to advertise on the platform efficiently. Don’t worry we’ll get you underway and advertising in no time.

We will help you install the Facebook Pixel onto your site. Installing the Facebook Pixel helps us track conversions from Facebook ads, optimise ads based on collected data and build targeted audiences for future ads. If you already have a Facebook Pixel we can diagnose any issues you have to make sure you’re collecting the right data.

We’ll create an engaging and welcoming Facebook Page where users can congregate to allow your business to build a community of loyal customers and fans.

Research & Planning

Before we create any campaigns we will analyse the industry you are in and find out what your customer’s value and how to market your business to your target audience efficiently. We will also analyse your available creatives, any previous campaigns you may have, audience data and current website traffic to help us create the best campaign possible.

By analysing your current profit magins, current conversions numbers and current CPA we will be able to specify targets that are both realistic and achievable.


If you believe engagement and traffic are more importnat to your business we will optimise Facebook for such goals.

We will look at how your competitors are advertising on Facebook and the message they are using. This will be used to form our judgement on how the ads should look like.

Understanding your current target market will allow us to optimise messaging and targeting towards you key target audience; the more precise our targeting is the better the engagement and conversions will be.

Facebook Targeting Strategy

We can use Facebook’s advanced targeting features to place ads right in front of the audience that matters most to your business.

Facebook’s in-depth targeting will allow us to reach anyone that has an active Facebook account and isn’t using an ad blocker. With so many targeting choices we will need to test multiple variations to get the best performance.

We’ll optimise ads and campaigns to reach the most profitable demographic for your business. We will effectively segment things like Location, Gender, Age & Language to get the best results for your brand.

We will build audiences that populate from the Facebook Pixel to create a pool of users who we can target your ads to. This can range from anyone that engages with you via the Facebook platform to users on your own website.


On top of that, we will create remarketing campaigns that will re-target your previous qualified visitors with tailored ads that will encourage users to complete a sale or contact form.

Using the data collected from your Pixel we can effectively create “Lookalike Audiences” that will reach people who are similar to the users who have already been on your site.

Facebook captures user behaviour and interests by there recent activity on Facebook.


For instance, if you have liked World Cup related pages you will be added into a pool of users who like the World Cup. We could then target that pool of users with World Cup related ads.

Users engage differently on different devices depending on the service or product they are looking for. We’ll split test and optimise campaigns based on the best performing devices (Mobile or Desktop).

Creative Approach

One of the most important aspects of Facebook advertising is, yes you guessed it the ads. Users will need to be encouraged, persuaded and wowed to click on an ad that is relevant to them. First impressions are important and the ads will need to reflect the direct benefit your business provides.

We implement a variety of Facebook ad formats, including carousel ads (see image above), canvas ads, single image ads and video ads. We will test a variety of formats to find out what imagery and message your target audience responds to the best. More info 

If you’re an e-commerce store we can upload your product feed straight to Facebook and showcase your products dynamically to a pre-defined audience. Your audience will see the product most suited to them; increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

There are multiple places where your ads can appear on Facebook. We use best practice to place your ads in the position where it will most likely convert. Some of the placements include:


  Facebook News Feeds

  Facebook  In-App Articles

  Facebook Marketplace

  Right Column of Facebook’s Desktop Platform

  Facebook Stories

We have a way with words here at Maple Forest, we will match your business’s tone of voice and what customers what to here to create the perfect ad copy to compliment engaging creatives.


To make sure our campaigns are running smoothly and to the best of their ability, we will be constantly monitoring them to make sure they aren’t any dips in performance or any irregularities.

Using best practice we will modify any campaigns we think are underperforming to get the best results. An amazing campaign could suddenly have a major decrease in performance and we know how to reverse this to get the campaigns back on track.

We welcome you to contact us at any time to discuss campaigns and talk about potential strategies going forward to maximise conversions.

We report your growth, your way. Find out who’s converting, what makes them convert and how we can get them to buy more is powerful information.


With our campaign management, you will get weekly or monthly reporting so you are always in the loop of what is going on in your account and improvements we are making to take things to the next level.

Growth & Scaling

Accelerating Growth is what we’re best at; taking your business to the next level is vital for us and we have the necessary expertise to take your business to another echelon. We will find the winning formula and grow your campaigns exponentially!

Using data and conversion metrics we can identify best performing campaigns and increase their budgets to maximise conversions. We will scale campaigns while keeping the CPA as low as possible.

Once we’ve split tested the ad variations and ad placements we can push the best ads to get the best engagement & conversions.

Once we see consistent results from your target audience, we may explore other demographics to increase conversions. This could be from expanding to another country to targeting a different age group. We will of course manage the CPA and engagement metrics to make sure it is profitable for your business.


We saved the best for last. When you choose Maple Forest to advertise your business on Facebook you will get the following:

Improved ROI

Increased Conversions

Increased Qualified Traffic

Lower Cost Per Acquisition

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