Pay-Per-Click Lead Generation

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Here at Maple Forest, we totally understand the challenges of attracting the right targeted audiences to your website, and once there, enticing them to meaningfully engage with one of your website’s touchpoints such as the completion of a contact form, downloading a white paper or requesting a free trial of your service.


With our experience in delivering successful digital marketing campaigns for our lead generation clients, we’ve fully embraced the unity of both Google PPC and Social Media PPC advertising as one of the best ways to both source and nurture leads into opportunities.


By having a well structured user-friendly website, that’s normally only half the battle. The other half remains finding the strategic approach that is geared towards increasing the utilisation of the following Lead Generation touch points:

Lead Magnets:

Blog Posts

Not only is blog content great for SEO it can be an important factor in the lead generation funnel for your business. You can drive organic & paid traffic with relevant content that your target audience will engage with. This will narrow down the users you can send ads to and be revered as being a business with a great understanding of a product or service.


By providing webinars to your audience you are promoting your products and services in a controlled less hard-sell environment, where you take the lead. This will help to build trust in your brand, expertise, and unique selling points and must address and clearly illustrate the suitability of your services for the participating audience.


Prospects don’t always have time to read through long-winded articles, so a more concise approach should also be considered. Infographics are a great way to engage prospects who require information but that don’t have time to read the details. Using this visual cue in a concise manner can work wonders and get your point across seamlessly.


Video is a highly engaging ad format that can boost the amount of users who connect with your business. Sometimes your product can’t be explained in 50 words so a more in-depth look into a product or service offering will be vital to convey why your service stands out and will engage the prospect.

Lead Conversions:

Contact Form Submission

This is a staple for any online lead generation business. This is the top of the sales funnel and the key first step into converting visitors into paying customers. Using the lead magnets above and advanced PPC tactics we will get the right visitors to complete your forms so you can convert them into loyal customers.

Resource Download

This would ideally consist of either, Checklists, Industry Reports, Guides, How To Tips and Techniques etc. Access to your resources should sit behind a brief website subscription where you request only a few details from the prospect before providing the corresponding download access.

Request Demo

If your software doesn’t provide a free trial period, then by providing a request a demo service still allows prospects to understand your services before they buy. We would recommend that this sits behind a subscription on your website so that you can gain those key contact details.

Free Trial

This is, of course, a proven way to showcase your software, services and unique selling points to prospective customers. They like the idea that they don’t need to commit at this point and you benefit from acquiring their details, showcasing what’s great about your brand and service offerings.

  • PPC Search Campaigns
  • Lead Magnet Promotion
    lead magnet
  • Effective Lead Funnels
  • Bespoke Digital Strategies

A typical PPC lead gen funnel…

  • Strangers

    Content, Keyword Search Terms & Social Media Engagement Ads

  • Visitors

    Informative & Relevant Landing Pages, Blogs, Webinars, White Papers, Videos

  • Leads

    Retarget Engaged Users With Call-To-Action Ads for a Free Trial, Request a Demo, Contact From Completion or Phone Calls

  • Opportunities

    Sales Team Follow Up

  • Customers

    Full Subscription Purchase or Paying Customer

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