PPC for E-commerce

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)

Product Feed

For successful ecommerce, one of the first steps after your website has been developed, is to create a product feed. We will roll up our sleeves and work through the detail

Google Shopping Ads

We will get your products onto Google Shopping creating and developing the best campaigns to nurture sales growth using our best practice techniques

Display Network Remarketing

Using your product images and branded creative banners we can re-target visitors to your website, turning them into buying customers

ROAS Optimisation

For an ecommerce website, direct sales are far more visible, therefore our strategies need to be robust, effective and based on solid sales insights to improve your ROAS

google shopping pla

Utilise Google Shopping to Increase Sales

Google Shopping (Product Listing ads) is one of the most powerful channels out there for e-commerce retailers. Deploying a Google Shopping campaign gives you a chance to display your products directly on the search results page in a compelling, succinct way: image, price and promotion.


Google Shopping remains an odd hybrid product from Google. It requires a well thought out feed or product catalogue to Google’s specifications, a properly set up and managed Google Merchant Centre account, and a well deployed and managed set of Shopping Campaigns within Google Ads.


Maple Forest will help you get the most out of your Shopping Campaign deployment by consulting on and managing all three aspects – from development through deployment and management.  We’re Google Shopping experts.

Product Feeds & Product Catalogs

A Product Feed (Google) and a Product Catalog (Facebook / Instagram) are actually very similar in regards to the mandatory fields that need to be configured. The real idea here is to scrape all products from within your website database and to present them in an orderly fashion, which is acceptable by the marketing channels that you intend to use and that is relevant and clear for your target market who are looking for your products online.

Google Shopping Feed Example

Facebook & Instagram

Dynamic Ads

Using the Facebook Pixel, we can show your target audience the product most suited to them and the product most likely to convert into a purchase.

Product Catalog

Like Google Ads, your product feed can be uploaded to Facebook, where your product range will be shown, or selected products of your choosing, by using a product set.

Remarketing Ads

Users may not purchase right away and will need to be reminded of the product they have looked at. Showing them the product they’re familiar with may entice them to purchase.

Lookalike Based on CLTV

Create a new target audience based on your current customers and their potential lifetime value. Facebook will find new users who will turn out to be your most loyal customers.

Utilise Facebook to Increase Sales

Facebook & Instagram uses an ad format that effectively showcases multiple products in one advertisement called “Carousel”. This ad format achieves great CTR and is able to dynamically show all your products from your product catalog. The same ad format can be translated to Instagram where a flick of the screen will show the next product.


Using the Facebook Pixel we can remarket products your audience has looked at. This method has produced amazing ROI for our clients and is a great way to optimise a campaign based on if they’ve added to cart or viewed a product and the time decay of each user.


We can use Facebook’s advanced targeting to pinpoint your most profitable demographic. Different demographics tend to react differently to advertisements and products, so we will tailor ads by demographic to increase the likelihood of purchase.

Facebook Carousel

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