How to Upload Customer List to Facebook

Step 1

Download Customer List & Open on Excel

Step 2

Make sure the fields are formatted correctly


Please see the best practice for formatting a customer list. (

Step 3

Save the Excel file as a CSV file.

Step 4

Go to the Audience Section in the Business Manager

Step 5

Make sure the correct account you would like to upload the list to is selected (may redirect you).

Click the blue “Create Audience” button & Choose “Custom Audience”

Then Choose Customer File.

Step 6

Click “Add customers from your own file or copy and paste data”

Step 7

On the “Original Data Source” drop-down choose “Directly from Customer”
Drag & drop or upload the CSV file you created.
Name the Audience with Name of company, what type of list you are uploading and the date you uploaded the list (example): Nike | UK Customer Purchase List |  01.01.2019

Step 8

Click “Next” & make sure the identifiers match the Facebook columns. Please adjust the column if they do not match.
Then click “Upload & Create”

Step 9

Job Done!