How to Give Maple Forest Access to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Step 1

Step 2

Select the Account to grant access to

Step 3

Select the account settings


Step 4

Click on Manage access


Step 5

Click Add users to account and edit.



Step 6

Copy and paste the URL for the profile you want to grant access to

Step 7

Save Changes

Introduction to the Billing Center

There will need to be a billing admin assigned when you manage access. This wil grant the profile with access to updating payment information for the account.

Setting up billing:



  • Click the correct account name.


  • Click the  Settings icon next to the account name in the upper right corner of the page and select Billing center from the dropdown.


  • Click Manage credit card next to your payment method on the Billing center page.


  • Click Edit and enter your new billing information.


  • Click Change.