How to Create a Facebook Advertising Account

Step 1

Go to the Business Manager Ad Account Setting

Step 2

Click “Create a New Ad Account”

Step 3

Give your Ad Account a name (preferably the business name)

Step 4

Choose your Facebook Account Name for “Advertising on Behalf of….”

Step 5

Pick your Time Zone

Step 6

For Currency choose “GBP – British Pound Sterling”

Step 7

Then Submit

Step 8

Add yourself to the Account. Change Default Role to “Ad Account Admin”

Step 9

Make Sure Your Account is Selected and is “Ad Account Admin”

Step 10

Click “Save Changes”

Step 11

Make a note of the number provided for you when receiving the “Well done!” message.

Step 12

Job Done!


If you are having any problem just send us an email or give us a call.