How To Add The Facebook Base Pixel

If you have a website developer please put us in contact with them so they can install the pixel. If you don’t have a website developer follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go to your Business Events Manager Settings:

Step 2

You should be on the tab “Data Sources”, click “Create Pixel”

Step 3

Give your pixel a name and click “Create”

Step 4

You will be presented with 3 options


If you use a website platform, e-commerce platform or tag management system please follow Step 5


If you have access to the backend of your website and would like to install the pixel manually please follow Step 6 onwards


If you have a developer choose the 3rd option and email the instructions to your developer.

Step 5

Follow the steps provided by Facebook for each platform via the link below or choose “Use an integration or tag manager” tab in the set up your pixel section and follow the steps for your respective platform

Step 6

Click “Manually install the code yourself”

Step 7

Find the header, <head> or header.php of your website

Step 8

Copy & paste the code Facebook has provided exactly into the bottom of the header on your website.

Step 9

Turn on automatic advanced matching

Step 9

Test the website to make sure the pixel was inputted correctly or follow step 10 and contact us

Step 10

Once you’ve completed the above email us to confirm everything was done correctly.


If you are having a problem just send us an email or give us a call.

Step 11

For pixel events please follow the next guide


B2B Events:


B2C Events: