How To Add B2B Facebook Pixel Events

If you have a website developer please put us in contact with them so they can install the correct pixel events. If you don’t have a website developer follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go to your Business Pixel Settings:

Step 2

Choose the pixel you have set up

Step 3

In the top right of the screen choose “Set Up”

Step 4

Choose “Manually Install the Code Yourself”

Step 5

On the top of the section click “Add your events” below the number 2

Step 6

Skip section 1 and go to section 2 named “Add the events you’d like to track”

Step 7

Toggle the option “Generate Lead”

Step 8

Within the “Generate Lead” section you are presented with two options “Track Event on Page Load” and “Track Event on Inline Action”
Track Event on Page Load means if someone accesses that page it’s counted as a lead. If you have a thank you page for a completed action i.e contact form thank you then choose this option and follow step 9 & step 10.
Track Event on Inline Action is used when you have a button that doesn’t go to a thank you page. It is counted as lead when a user inputs details and clicks the button. If you have a button as a final action follow step 13 & step 14 onwards

Step 9

Access the body of your website through the backend and find the thank you page/s (if you have more than one thank you page)


Note: Choose the lead thank you pages that are actually considered leads for your business.  Choosing an unqualified lead page will result in poor data performance.

Step 10

Once you found the code for the thank you page/s insert this code in the <body> of the page:


fbq(‘track’, ‘Lead’);


Use Facebook’s instructions to further assist you.

Step 11

If you want to keep track of newsletter signups or a separate lead event that is not as qualified as your key lead events then follow step 9 &  step 10 (or step 13 & step 14 if using a button) and replace the code with:



fbq(‘track’, ‘CompleteRegistration’);



Again place the code within the <body> of the thank you page

Step 12

Follow step 16 and we will confirm if the event has fired and is placed correctly.

Step 13 (Skip to step 16 if using a thank you page)

Find the “Submit” button on the form you will use to capture the lead on.

Step 14

Once you have found the button you capture leads on; find HTML code of the button and input the following:


fbq(‘track’, ‘Lead’);


Place between the<button> tag or follow the example provided by Facebook

Step 15

Follow step 16 and we will confirm if the event has fired and is placed correctly.

Step 16

Once you’ve completed the above email us to confirm everything was done correctly.


If you are having a problem just send us an email or give us a call.