Change My Life Birmingham Hair Replacements


Change My Life Birmingham Hair Replacements is a hair replacement business operating in the West Midlands. The target market of CML are people who are currently suffering from hair loss or balding and would like to improve their hair and confidence via a hair replacement system. This audience is comprised of Men between the ages of 20 to 45.

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CML was a newly created business and didn’t have much of a following or any existing customer meaning we had to start the campaigns from scratch.  We had to identify what age groups have the most demand for hair loss treatment and which age group respond best to our ads.


As CML was a newly created business they had no website in place so the campaign we had to choose from was quite limiting.


Growing the presence of the brand in the surrounding area was also important for us to get the business noticed among the locals. Since there is only one location in Birmingham we decided to focus the majority of the budget there.

Our Strategy

CML has no website so we had to use Lead forms to generate leads from Facebook & Instagram. Lead forms captures user information directly on the social media platforms. We made the lead form purposely shorter to increase the amount of leads while making sure the people who were signing up to the form were qualified by using a confirmation page


When building the Lead Generation campaigns we used Facebook’s specific interest targeting we was able find users who have a direct interest in solving the hair loss problem.In addition to interests targeting we used radius targeting to make sure the ads were only reaching the relevant people in the Midlands.


Using customer testimonials and before & after videos we managed to reduce the CPA by 50% and maintained a 2% CTR. We found that the before and after video highlighted what the treatment can do and improve the performance of the campaigns.


Being a new business in the area it was important to build the brand and create a welcoming Facebook Page to allow users within Birmingham to congregate.



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Leads Within The First 2 Months


Appointments Booked

The use of strong creatives and accurate targeting allow us to not only find CML’s target audience but convert them via Lead Forms.