SovTech are a custom software development company providing a complete development service for their clients. They offer custom development in mobile app, website, and cloud services to enhance and revolutionise technologies their clients use to run their business.

The key market for SovTech is the UK targeting higher-profile businesses that require an upgrade in the software they currently operate on. SovTech are able to stay competitive as they have an office based in the UK, but developers based in South Africa so their clients can benefit from offshore development services but remain in contact with local representatives.

Challenges & Goals

SovTech had previously run Google Ads campaigns in-house but did not obtain leads of a high quality, bringing in a lot of spam or leads that they were unable to work with. We initially had to conduct extensive keyword research into the top search terms that an ideal SovTech client would use to search for their services and determine what type of demographic are more likely to result in viable SQLs, therefore secured deals.#


Our goals were to obtain 25 MQLs a month at a CPL of under £200.

Our Strategy

First we ensured that their current Google Ads and Analytics tracking codes were set up correctly and advised the SovTech team on the correct placements of each tracking code. We tested these placements by submitting test forms, then setting up relevant goals on all of their conversion pages to track all form submissions. This enabled us to successfully attribute leads to which campaign brought them in.


We build campaigns around the core services that SovTech provider such as mobile app development and website development, using broader terms to catch any possible search queries that are related to SovTech’s business.


As we began to decipher which search terms brought the most relevant traffic to the SovTech site, the campaigns were streamlined and refocused on these keywords as well as determining what the weak areas of each campaign are and utilizing the appropriate bidding strategy to enhance those areas.


After optimising the keywords used and the bid strategy, we began to see a consistent flow of leads in SovTech’s most popular service areas.



(%) Reduction In Overall CPL


(%) Increased Lead Numbers Percentage (Month-on-Month)

As a result of our changes, SovTech have gained considerably more business opportunities as we track the areas of their expertise that bring in the most lucrative clients for their service. Using keyword data and analysis of performance metrics, we were able to improve SovTech’s PPC performance dramatically.