Simply Hosting


Simply Hosting provide Data Centres & Colocation Services, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Server Solutions and Hosting packages that can be tailored specifically for your business requirements.


With more than 12 years experience in the industry, Simply Hosting have seen significant growth and are recognised as one of the main players in their field of expertise supporting a global base of customers.

Challenges & Goals

When Simply Hosting commissioned Maple Forest Marketing to manage their Google PPC advertising, the account had previously been managed in-house by a member of their marketing team who was now leaving the company. They had worked with a monthly budget of £4,000, however they hadn’t got to grips with the correct strategies required to create a successful, well optimised account.


There were two inital concerns that Simply Hosting wanted us to address from the outset;


  1. The cost per lead was regularly in excess of £600 (CPA)
  2. The lead numbers were far to low (between 6 to 10 per month)


Note: The conversion rate from lead to opportunity was around 30%, so the amount of new business being generated was negligible.


We understood that the current situation was unsustainable and our brief was clear, improve the account performance and generate leads at a lower CPA within the budget allocated.


Based on our experience and best practices, we also knew that we had to review Simply Hosting’s main competitors to see what incentives they were offering for related services to their clientele and whether we could better showcase Simply Hosting’s unique selling points and increase engagement in the brand.

Our Strategy

Maple Forest had to review the account and pinpoint the bottlenecks and any issues preventing a healthy flow of leads and new business opportunities.
We noted that the main issues within the accounts were the following;


  • Very little account housekeeping (negative keywords mining)
  • Old advert copy with few compeling calls-to-action
  • Wrong keyword match types being used – increasing overall costs
  • Remarketing audiences not being used correctly
  • Few conversion goals set up in Google Analytics


In aditional to the above points and by implementing additional new campaigns for better brand positioning and Remarketing across Search, Display and YouTube Ads the campaigns were able to gain more traction.


With diligent account housekeeping and the implementation of our new strategy we saw click thru rate increase, lead numbers grow and lower costs per lead (CPA’s).


Month 1:   16 Leads with a spend of £4,000 / Cost Per Lead £250
Month 2:   20 Leads with a spend of £4,000 / Cost Per Lead £195
Month 3:   26 Leads with a spend of £4,000 / Cost Per Lead £150
Month 4:   36 Leads with a spend of £4,000 / Cost Per Lead £110


As the account grew, more budget was allocated, and Maple Forest were able to maintain a cost per lead of between £70.00 to £90.00 ongoing.



(%) A Huge Reduction in the CPA (Cost Per Lead)


(%) Increased Lead Numbers Percentage (Month-on-Month)

Keeping on top of optimisation tasks and being innovative is key to healthy account performance. Maple Forest build the admin of our client accounts effortlessly in our workflow, so that performance tweaks are part of our day-to-day operations which our clients benefit from.