Compleat Software


Compleat Software are a London based Software-as-a-Service firm specialising in affordable financial management solutions, that grow with your business. They are now one of the bigger players in their market place and have amassed a huge portfolio of small and medium business clients.

Challenges & Goals

Our task at Maple Forest was to fully understand their prospective clients online journey, how they search for information and solutions online, and what messaging influence their decision making.


We also knew that we would need to review some of Compleat Software’s main online competitors to get a better understanding of how best to structure a digital growth strategy that would allow them to stand out with a stronger proposition.


Compleat Software had previously run a Google Ads campaign, but had paused their previous account as they were not receiving good quality leads and the cost per lead (CPL) was in excess of £500 per contact form signup. This was of course unsustainable and needed to be significantly reduced.

Our Strategy

Maple Forest started building their advertising campaigns and utilised, Search Keywords, Display Banners, YouTube Ads and Webinars to achieve the following results;


Month 1:   25 Leads with a spend of £2,000 / Cost Per Lead £80
Month 2:   39 Leads with a spend of £2,000 / Cost Per Lead £51
Month 3:   52 Leads with a spend of £2,000 / Cost Per Lead £38


As the account grew, more budget was allocated, and Maple Forest were able to maintain a cost per lead of under £50.00.


The conversion rate of the leads that became opportunities and then went on to become clients was between 25% – 30% and the Google Ads account conversion rate was 2.5%



(%) A Huge Reduction in the CPA (Cost Per Lead)


(%) Increased Lead Numbers Percentage (Month-on-Month)

Implementing the correct marketing strategy from initiation, including setting up website visitor goals and accurate conversion tracking enabled Maple Forest to significantly scale Compleat Software’s online growth lead pool way beyond  the client’s expectations.