Caspian Pets


Caspian Pets is a family run dog food manufacturing business who specialise in grain-free, healthy and nutritional food for dogs with stomach problems or allergies. They have a wide range of home-made products and are an up-and-coming brand in the dog food market.

Challenges & Goals

Upon the start of Maple Forest’s management, Caspian Pets had one shopping campaign running which would generate a good number of sales, but did not have structure and operated on a budget that was four times higher than the client could sustain. Various aspects of the account required streamlining to produce higher quality sales at a lower monthly cost.


Our goal for Caspian Pets was to significantly reduce the budget to an acceptable level for the client, whilst still maintaining a high number of sales with a return on ad spend of 500% or more.

Our Strategy

Firstly, the shopping campaign Caspian Pets was originally using was split into smaller, more manageable campaigns firstly focusing on their best-selling products. These shopping campaigns operated on a budget closer to what the client could sustain. 


Once operational, the overspending campaign was turned off, which allowed the new, more structured campaigns to run alongside the search and display remarketing campaigns that Maple Forest created. 



(%) Return On Advertising Spend (In First 2-weeks)


(CPA) Cost Per Acquisition (Per Sale)

By streamlining the shopping campaigns and supplementing it with search campaigns and display remarketing enabled Maple Forest to significantly reduce the daily spend as requested by Caspian Pets, whilst maintaining a low cost per conversion and high return on ad spend.