How to Build an RLSA Campaign to Increase your ROI

How to Build an RLSA Campaign to Increase your ROI

Trying to sell your products online can be incredibly easy or incredibly difficult, depending on your knowledge of what needs to be done. Online advertising, while cheaper than conventional advertising, is still not a cheap commodity in itself and a good seller should be aware of the proper channels through which it could be done. Up until now, people and organizations using online advertising have been complaining greatly about the size of ROI they receive from online advertising. However, while most of them still use conventional tools, there is a new way of making sure that you spend a lot less money and get a much higher return. To know how to do that, you should be able to understand and implement RLSA effectively.

What is RLSA?

RLSA means Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and it is basically a feature in AdWords. What this does is allow you to customize your search campaigns and focus them on users who have previously been visitors on your website. To implement this, all you need to do is add the remarketing pixel of AdWords in the code of your webpage. The setting can be implemented for one page or multiple pages according to your requirement.

Understanding the difference

The real difference between RLSA and non-RLSA campaigns is in the number of words that your campaign utilizes to bring in customers. With the optimization continuously happening, the campaign focuses on search words relevant to the people visiting your website only and the reduced number results in lower advertising cost. The image below provides an idea of how this works.

The two campaigns seen here have the exact same keywords but the difference after the implementation of RLSA is significant and easily noticeable. The click through rate (CTR) for RLSA is more than double as compared to non-RLSA. The cost per conversion is also nearly four times less for RLSA as compared to the original keyword list.

The underlying problem

While RLSA may be providing a revolutionary solution to a very big problem, it has one issue that makes it slightly “disabled” in a way. Due to the fact that RLSA only focuses on searches from people who have already been to your website, it completely ignores the huge portion of potential customers who have not yet visited your website. This means that while you may be getting good returns on your investment, you are missing out on a huge chunk of potential customers. Fortunately this is a problem that can be solved easily.

Enter Social Ads

The main purpose of online content is to attract attention of potential customers and as it happens, social media platforms are the best place to do that. Being able to present content to people that makes them want to visit your site is the key here. If you can develop a good social media marketing campaign, you will be amazed at how quickly the results of your RLSA campaign increase ten and hundred fold. The ability of social media advertisements like Twitter’s Tailored Audiences or Facebook’s Custom Audiences to drive traffic to your website is quite strong if you know what you are doing. The marketing budget required for such a campaign is extremely low and the rewards are simply amazing.

In a nutshell

The plan is quite simple. While using RLSA alone is quite a good thing financially and can save you a ton of money in the long run, it won’t do you much good beyond that. However, once you add a good online marketing campaign for your products with it, the results will certainly be beyond your imagination. Instead of going for unbranded vanilla search and digging a grave for your company, opt for a game where the odds are ridiculously in your favor.

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