Facebook insights are a goldmine, so why are you just digging around?

Facebook insights are a goldmine, so why are you just digging around?

Nothing is more expensive than missed opportunity.

It’s well-known that Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, it’s as if you’ve cut all your landlines, thrown your mobile away and closed your office, basically like you don’t exist.

I love the example that one of my colleagues used, when he described social media presence. He said that Social media is like wearing trousers to work, you don’t need to wear them, but you will look weird without them. That’s exactly how it is with social media. Think about it…

Unfortunately, just having a Facebook page is not enough if you want your business to benefit from Facebook. I’m pretty sure you’ve come across good Facebook pages as well as bad ones. And I bet you remember what impression each of them left you with.

I’m seeing plenty of people complaining online about not getting good engagement on their Facebook business pages, and talking about social media being a waste of their time. The thing is, social media works incredibly well depending on how your spend your time. It’s one of the best investments.

What I found the most interesting is that you don’t have to be social media ninja or have years of experience to have a Facebook page which looks fine, and helps you to gain trust for your business. You just need to be eager to learn and have some fun with the absolutely fantastic features that Facebook provides: Facebook Insights.

How often do YOU check your Facebook Insights?  I do it every day to see the progress, how many people have seen my posts, how many of them engaged with them, and what they liked the most. If you’re wondering why your Facebook page doesn’t work, all the answers are right there, just have a look…

Facebook insights

To get full Facebook insights you will need to gain 30 likes for your Facebook page. But don’t worry if you don’t have them yet. There are basic insights available when you first create your Facebook page. These give you a clear idea about what’s happening. You will be able to see how many people you’ve reached, what the engagement was like, how many people took an action on your page, what time is your audience online, engagement specifically for each of your posts and much more.

The full Insights take you deeper into the world of your audience, giving you an Insight into what the people who viewed your page are like. It’s all there! You would be able to see what device they viewed your page on, see what top sources they came from. And guess what? You can even break these stats down by section they’ve viewed, gender, age, country, city or device. If you feel it can’t get any better, then it certainly can.You get to see gender, age group and location of people who engaged with your posts too.  You can also see actions on your page that your visitors have taken. If you want super detailed stats, export the report from Insights to xml. and you will find even more amazing data.  Facebook Insights are just incredibly exciting.

I’m not going to list all the features here because I think that exploring facebook Insights is so much fun. I remember the first time I discovered them and their power, I was literally like Alice in the Wonderland, absolutely amazed and excited! So go and have some fun!

The main benefit of Facebook Insights is, that you will gain so much information about your audience, that creating your content will get so much easier. Discovering who your audience are, where they are coming from and what they are doing on your page. Once you know who’s on the other side of Facebook, try to find the most engaging content for them. But how would you know they like your content? Insights have the answer.

Have a look at these stats from two Facebook pages. What do they tell you about their content strategy?

Example 1

  • Post reach 3 people with post engagement 55

Example 2

  • Post reach 766 with post engagement 45

Example 2 reached 233 times more people than the other Example 1, but the post engagement was only 45. According to these stats, you can tell that Example 1 has far better content which engages people. It’s not about quantity (how many people you’ve reached) but about quality (how many of them engaged with your posts).

Everyone has to find their own way and their unique approach to their social media. Check what posts get the most engagement and importantly what kind of engagement. When you find the best posts, focus on the same kind of content and forget about the ones with no or low engagement.

Are you getting no engagement for your posts at all? So it’s time to try something totally new. You need to serve to your audience what they would most likely engage with. So put yourself in their shoes, and try to think what you would like to see If you were them. If it still doesn’t work, don’t give up! I’m sure that you know failure is part of on-going success, so just keep trying and learning and when your get there all your efforts will have paid off.

 The golden rule for my content strategy is 3E’s of Content Marketing.

Your content should:

  • Engage

  • Educate

  • and Entertain

Trust me, it works!

Now it’s your turn to explore Facebook Insights, and I would like to hear from you about how much fun you’ve had and what you’ve learned.

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