Expanding a PPC Account: Keyword Peel and Stick

Expanding a PPC Account: Keyword Peel and Stick

How to grow a PPC account organically

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about the two different priorities a PPC account manager can place on an account: scale and efficiency.  Achieving efficiency is relatively easy: identify and cut waste, and test more specific adverts.  However, I’ve had a few questions following up asking for techniques on how to scale a campaign.  It makes sense!  It’s always easier to cut than to create.

Here’s one process that just about any PPC advertiser can start doing now to add some scale to their campaigns.  We call it “Keyword Peel and Stick”.

The Keyword Peel and Stick Process

What you’ll need:

  • Conversion Tracking installed (preferably tracking revenue).
  • At least three months worth of data.
  • Your target CPA or ROI (for each campaign if its different).
  • Some Broad, +Modified +Broad, or “Phrase Match” keywords in your account or campaigns.
  • About 20 free minutes per week.

Concept and Purpose

The keyword peel and stick process is designed to take search queries that have converted for you via a broad match or phrase match keywords, and turn them into nice exact match keywords.  Peel out of broad/phrase match, and stick to exact match.

The Process

Once per week, drill down into your keywords.  Identify any broad or phrase match keywords which have more than a few conversions for the last seven days.

Select the broad or phrase match keywords and run a  Keyword Details > View Search Terms report for your selected keywords.  Sort by number of conversions.

Scanning through the report, look for Search Terms which:

  • Have converted more than once
  • Are not already an Exact Match keyword elsewhere in the campaign (sort my match type to help with this)
  • Are meeting or bettering your target CPA or ROI

For each one of those keywords, spin it out into its own ad group as an exact match keyword (add any common sense variations that you might need) and copy the adverts from the original ad group.  Don’t forget to add these new ad groups / adverts into your monitoring and ad split testing process!

Repeat this same process again, looking at the last three calendar month’s worth of data.

Repeat this process every 7 days.

You’ll essentially be peeling off successful niche keywords, and sticking them up into their own ad groups.

With a few repetitions, you’ll stop seeing Broad match keywords as necessary evils, but rather as the source for spinning out more keywords that you might never have though of.  After all, who knows your customers better than your customers?  Use that data that they give you.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

The key to making Keyword Peel and Stick work is to keep doing it regularly – make it a part of your process.  Put it in your calendar and do it every week.  It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes per campaign once you get the hang of it, but it can help you identify untapped niche keywords, and move away from a reliance on more expensive broad matches.

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