An exciting new feature from Facebook: Campaign planner!

An exciting new feature from Facebook: Campaign planner!

Facebook recently launched a new feature for its advertising platform: Campaign Planner. As the name states, this new tool empowers brands to plan their Facebook campaigns, predict reach, frequency and much more…

Exciting, eh?

Campaign planner offers three key features

It predicts estimated reach and frequency of your campaigns based on the budget, audiences, and placements that you select.

It compares various versions of the same plan to see how changes in audience or budget impact reach and frequency.

You can share all the stats with others via email, shareable links or an exported CSV file.


Why is this so awesome?

You know how annoying it can get when you create a new ad set and you find out that the reach is nowhere near what you were originally expecting, or that the interest targeting options that you’re looking for are not even available. So you find yourself having to play around, trying different targeting, different budgets making notes as you go, try different variations again and again… Well, now that’s all gone.

Now you can put your ideas for new campaigns together, insert them to the Campaign planner and it does the job for you. Yay! You have all the comparison data in front of you, and you just need to decide which would work the best for your goals.

Each plan can have up to six versions, so you get plenty of data to better understand the potential reach and frequency of your campaigns. It also calculates the potential reach, based on your budget, or the budget required to gain a specific reach goal, within the selected date range.


How to get started?

The Campaign Planner is only available to advertisers that are eligible for reach and frequency buying, at the moment. You can find your Campaign Planner in Facebook’s business manager drop down menu under the plan section.
Click create a plan > Name your plan > Click create a version> Customize the plan > Get the estimated reach and frequency for your campaign.

Create a few versions to compare them against each other to determine which media plan best fits with your goals. Share it with others or export it to CSV.

I bet that you’re pretty excited to play with this new feature now and that you can’t wait to see what it can do for you. But don’t forget to let us know about your experience with Campaign Planner and how you like it.

Have fun!

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