A more coherent ad format based on Ad Rank

A more coherent ad format based on Ad Rank

It’s always been a source of frustration when you can have an AdWords advert in a top position, say 1 or 2, and the ads below are showing a more robust set of extensions.

Not only is this frustrating for advertisers, but it also ruins the Google user experience somewhat. Surely, logic would dictate that ads in higher positions should show the full deck of ad extensions, if at all possible – whilst those below should show fewer.

Google now seems set to fix this, and make for a more coherent ad display policy based on Ad Rank.

Reported in Search Engine Journal, Google has now done away with it’s previously messy formula for ad display and ad extensions. Now, a high ad rank (and consequently a high position) will mean a more predictably visible ad and set of extensions. In short, if you’re in a high position, you’ll be able to show your full deck of available extensions.

Ads in top positions will now no longer be overshadowed by lower position ads which are lucky enough to show extensions – making for more control for advertisers, and a much more cohesive user experience for Google searchers.

This appears to be rolled out in the United States, and is in progress in the UK and other markets.

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