23 Quick Negative Keywords to Save you Money

23 Quick Negative Keywords to Save you Money

Save money with these negative keywords

Do you run an ecommerce PPC campaign? If you do, there are twenty-three negative keywords that you should add to your account right now. They could save you money.

The List

The list of keywords is a list of common UK ecommerce sites, like ebay and Amazon, as well as common price comparison and review sites.

amazon co uk
amazon com
amazon uk
ebay com
kelcoo uk
kelkoo co uk
price grabber
price grabber uk
pricegrabber uk
shopzilla uk

What to do with them

Add these keywords as negative phrase-match keywords into any campaign where you run general or product ecommerce keywords. This will stop your ads from appearing for searches like “Buy Snom 300 Phone on Amazon;” sales which you’re unlikely to get unless you’re, well, Amazon.

Why its important

When we run search query reports for ecommerce clients, we consistently see this list of phrase-match keywords across many verticals. They seldom convert, if ever. It’s easy to see why. If someone types in “Canon EOS rebel SLR Amazon,” we know exactly what they’re looking for – a canon SLR camera. We also know where they want to buy: amazon.

While it may be possible to intercept a sale when someone is searching for Amazon or ebay and your product, it takes a specialised advert to do so with any degree of success.

If you run general or product based campaigns, adding these keywords is a quick, easy way to cut some wasted spend.

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