Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media for your Small Businesses

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media for your Small Businesses

It is becoming increasingly important to engage with your customers where they are spending their time, on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, Youtube, Tiktok, Snapchat and more. Improve your social media.

One of the best ways for small businesses to engage with and find new customers is with social media ads. For small businesses, Social media ads are a very powerful way of scaling business and acquiring new customers. Another way to start is to set up regular and consistent content across social media and engage with customers through topics, hashtags and trends. Here are 5 tips to improve your social media presents for small businesses.

Improve your social media

Improve your social media

1: Social Media Strategy

Have a detailed plan of content and topics to post about. It is always a good idea to see not only what your competitors are doing, but also what engagement they get on posts. There may be a theme of content that gets more likes and comments than others. This will give you a better understanding of what type of content you should be posting and how your content represents your brand.

  • What is your target demographic
  • What hashtags and topics would they be interested in
  • What resources and content do you already have
  • What style of content do you need
  • What frequency would work best for your audience


2: Choosing The Right Marketing Platforms


There are a lot of platforms to choose from nowadays. Where does your target demographic spend most of their time? The main platforms for marketing seem to be Facebook, Instagram and Google, But depending on the business there could be a platform that could propel your brand’s content further. For example, Home decor and lifestyle businesses that do well on Instagram, May also do well on Pinterest.



3: Conversion Events and Conversion Goals

There are a number of benefits for small businesses to remain active on social media, not only does it increase your awareness and following for your brand, but it also would drive organic traffic to your website which gives you opportunities to optimise your website before spending money on ads. 


Setting up Google analytics and creating goals is a great idea to get ready for optimisations you may have to make on your website, It also gives you more insight into your target demographic. You can see a breakdown of website visitors based on ages, gender, location and more. Setting up conversion tracking will also give you opportunities to better optimise your content. Google analytics makes it easy to track the attribution of conversions on your website. This will also help you plan for future paid social media marketing you may want to do.



4: Audience Targeted Content

It is also important to determine a post frequency, Scheduling content is easy with services like Canva, CrowdFire, Hootsuite and more. It is a great idea to use a service like this, so that you can publish a consistent feed of content out to potential customers.

It is also a good idea to focus on video content as videos engage users a lot more than still content, This could be in the form of GIFs or depending on your business, Tutorial videos, Video reviews etc.



5: Consistent Content

It is important to make your content consistent in frequency and in messaging. As the purpose of your business pages are to build a community around your brand, The vision of your brand should be clear for new visitors. Many brands post content daily so they can alway engage their audience to keep the brand fresh in users’ minds. Although this is not always recommended depending on the business, you will need to identify a frequency that works best for your marketing objectives.


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