3 Reasons why your Social Ads Are Not Converting

3 Reasons why your Social Ads Are Not Converting


Everybody knows how frustrating it is to look at Facebook Ads Manager and see that your Ads are not delivering. Especially if you’ve spent time with the creatives and ad copy, making sure you’re targeting the right people and you’re still not seeing enough leads, purchases with maybe a high CPA burning your budget. We understand that this may be frustrating but there is a way to avoid this, so that you can start seeing fabulous results.


Landing Page


For you to better understand, put yourself in your potential customers position, if you saw an ad on Facebook/Instagram with a product you were interested in, for example an Electric Scooter and then you clicked on the call to action and went on the landing page and on the Landing Page, it wasn’t well structured, with no call to action, etc. If you saw this, would you sign up as a lead or purchase a product? Most probably not! because your trust for the product has diminished and you would most probably bounce off the website.


If you are currently running ads and you are getting a lot of link clicks and landing page views, but without leads or purchases, check the bounce rate of the traffic you are receiving on Google Analytics. If the bounce rate is over 60%, then the website’s Landing Page is likely to be the issue.


Ad Copy


When creating the Ad Copy, the text, image/video creative, headline text plays an important part to your potential/client viewing your advert.
Imagine once again, putting yourself in your customers position, if you a saw an ads from a Scooter retailer, but the text isn’t relevant or attention grabbing, vague image/video creative, no call to action in text for you consider purchasing, would you click on the CTA button to view? Not really, because it looks the same as other ads. Bear in mind people aren’t on Facebook/Instagram looking to purchase goods or sign up for anything, so you need to approach them in a creative way.


To see if the Ad Copy is the issue for your Ad, check if you have a high cost per click with low amount of link clicks/landing page views.
This means that your ads are not engaging with your target audience.


Target Audience


Target audience is more of an obvious reason to identify why your ads are not delivery. Imagine advertising a Wedding Dress on Facebook/Instagram targeted to Married Women, you most probably will not get sales because it’s not relevant.


When creating your Target Audience on Facebook Ads Manager, consider these 3 questions?

1. What type of people love or need my product/service ?

2. What are the interests of people who buy or use the product/service?
3. What is the behaviour of the people who use or buy my product or service


Also, by narrowing and excluding when creating your target audience, this helps Facebook to identify your actual target audience.


We really hope this article helps you, if you want to talk to an expert regarding your Facebook Ads, feel free to call us on 020 7993 8886.

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