Our Team

Great people make us more than the sum of our parts.

Great People

Hire well, do right by our clients, and let our reputation speak for itself. Maple Forest has an enviable reputation for success. At the core of our success is our staff. We hire great minds: from freelancers to administrators.

Great Processes

Proven processes: get it out of your head an into the business. Maple Forest takes a process-driven approach to PPC account management. Our staff are analytical, data-minded, and assisted by our array of tools.

Senior Account Manager
Lloyd John

Lloyd brings a wealth of experience to Maple Forest, including a diverse background in IT systems, sales, and of course, PPC Account Management. I love learning about new businesses and creating online opportunities to scale.

PPC Analyst

Margarita O’Brien

Margarita likes to analyse the best strategies and solutions for business growth using the most relevant marketing channels and presenting statistics that provide insightful information to clients for future growth and scale.

Social Media Executive

Jules Skinner

Jules is very much data focused and also enjoys the immersive and creative aspects of building new targeted accounts for clients. Jules makes it his duty to delve feet first into the Analytics and Insight tools to better source opportunities and to recognise trends for client growth.

James Crab
Web Developer
James Crabb

James is our technical guru who specialises in all things web development. Give James a challenging website design brief and he will scope out a workable concept, work through the implementation strategy and provide you with a website that is versatile, relevant and multi-functional.

Business Dev Manager
Phil Smith

A stickler for detail and growth, Phil looks for opportunities and synergies across the web and beyond. Fundamentally everything that is tested, developed and implemented will always have our clients in mind, not tech for tech sake.